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Hidden Empire of Sylvania

Unique Worlds of J. Monroe Josephson

A thousand worlds ruled by decendents from the Bretons, Celts, and Scots. Another thousand worlds ruled by the decendents of the Dravidians of Asia. Then perhaps the worst of all threats to human progress:

The Hellsoboro: who are at war with everyone else; these humans are allied with a race of four armed primate creatures with limited intellect.


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  Josephson Publishing is currently a site for promoting the writings of James Monroe Josephson and his friends.    Several links are offered as well as opportunity to read extracts of the author's e-published works and upcoming book releases.  Links to blog sites will also be added.    Although we are still under construction we are diligently working to make your visits to this site a rewarding experience.    Thank you for visiting with us today.


    James Monroe Josephson was born into a coal miner’s family. He lives with his best friend and beautiful wife of forty-three years in a small Virginia village.  James first began to outline a series of short stories and novels while still in high school; which he began to polish after retiring. You can view an Aug. 28 interview with James by clicking on this link: