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Hidden Empire of Sylvania

Unique Worlds of J. Monroe Josephson


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  About the worlds of the author's science fiction and science fantasy books.
  There is a race of alien beings who have been visiting the earth for more than two thousand years.  These beings are called Assaer.  The have a group mind (common mind) in addition to a self identity or soul.  If you are knowledgeable about the societies of earth's social insects you already know a great deal about the Assaer.  Each member has a unique personality and each needs contact with the mind of its colony's universal mother. 
   The major novels fleshing out this world and developing characters have been in development since the midsixties. 
   There are two other series of books in which the Assaer play weak but supporting roles.  These are the first being offered by J. M. Josephson in all the most popular popular e-book formats.  A link to the first was offered on April 4, 2013.