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Extended description

Silvia shocks her Law School class with her Valedictorian Speech. The release of the criminals who raped her mother before murdering both her parents leads the honors student to carefully examine and investigate a system of Justice that cares more about codling the criminal than avenging the death of their victims.
Repulsed by what she found by careful investigation she decided the system was too corrupt to work within. The first book in this series deals with her struggle to find a path to real justice for the victims of violent crime.
Rejecting a career before the Bar, she becomes an Avenger of Blood. Silvia is by day a clerk in a law firm; but by night she hunts the evil human refuse who the courts release without any real punishment.
Deeply religious she is tormented by her chosen vocation; until strange alien visitors come to be her enablers. These beings, along with human beings not native to earth, aid her in a vocation that she believes she has received from God.
Then to complicate things even further she falls for an educated and charming young man from the Caribbean.
Adult Crime,SF,explicit sex. This book is not recommended for those under the age of eighteen.